Professional drivers who are members of Unite can benefit from DriverCare
For only £1.10 a week extra on top of the standard Unite membership contribution drivers will be entitled to the benefits listed below:

A lump sum of up to £8,000 following Loss of Licence due to injury, disability or illness.

Up to £30,000 for death or permanent disability following an accident whilst at work.

Up to £80 per day to a maximum of £4,000 following an assault whilst at work.

£50 per day for hospitalisation following an accident / assault whilst at work.

Financial support for legal costs incurred while working as a professional driver.

Help with legal costs and consequential hardship when charged with certain traffic offences.

For an additional monthly contribution of £4.33 drivers will be entitled to:

Up to an additional £15,000 if you join the Supplementary Loss of Licence (Top-Up) Scheme.

For an additional weekly contribution of £2 drivers will be entitled to:

£100 per week following a successful Loss of Licence claim if the member suffers a reduction in gross taxable pay in excess of 25% if you join the Wage Support Payment Scheme.

Terms and conditions apply, including a qualifying period of 39 weeks. Full details of the scheme are shown in the certificate(s) sent to you when your application has been accepted or can be viewed by Clicking here.