Loss of Licence

DriverCare provides a lump sum of £8,000 to members aged under 62, in the event that your licence is revoked or refused by the licensing Authority for medical reasons (excluding pre-existing medical conditions).

All personal and professional licences issued by the DVLA or other regulatory body can be covered, but they must be registered when joining the Scheme. However, regardless of the number of licences registered, in the event of a claim the Loss of Licence benefit is only payable once.

Loss of Licence cover is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It covers the permanent loss of licence for all drivers under 62 or through Top-Up until age 68, as long as they have been driving professionally in the previous 12 months. Individuals who are members of the Territorial Reserve are covered unless they are called up for permanent service.

The Scheme provides benefits for permanent Loss of Licence. The DVLA allow re-application where a medical condition is temporary, or following successful treatment, so the driver could have their licence reinstated. To be regarded as permanent under the Scheme, a renewal must not be permitted within 2 years from the date of the original revocation / refusal.

The DVLA 'At a Glance' Guide is available online to all doctors. This is used to establish the position on re-licensing. There is no claim if you voluntarily surrender your licence to the DVLA or any other licensing authority.