Reviews and Appeals

Important information regarding reviews and appeals against declined claims.

When claims under the DriverCare Scheme are declined, it will be as a result of one of the excluded circumstances. Procedures are in place to ensure members have the opportunity to request either a review of their claim or submit an appeal. Further information about both is provided below.


Reviews are intended to be used by members where new evidence, which was not available at the time of the original claim, becomes available. Examples may include new or clarified medical information, additional information from your employer or additional information from the DVLA. If you believe such information exists, you should send documentary evidence together with a covering letter requesting a review to DriverCare Admin Unit, 1 Redwing Court, Ashton Road, ROMFORD, Essex, RM3 8QQ. Please be sure to include your claim reference number. Any new evidence submitted by you will then be added to the existing information held and your claim will be re-assessed and the outcome of the review will be advised to you as soon as possible.


Appeals are only intended to be used where a request for reconsideration is not based upon new or updated evidence, but where a member feels that exceptional circumstances are associated with the claim. A request for an appeal must be submitted in writing and must include the full reasons why you feel exceptional circumstances apply. We strongly recommend that you seek the advice and assistance of your local representative or full time officer before submitting your letter. Appeal will be heard and determined by an independent Chair assisted by two senior lay representatives each drawn respectively from the Passenger and Road Transport Sector Committees. If a request for an appeal is considered to contain insufficient reason to warrant an appeal then you will be written to with an explanation as to why. Requests should be addressed to Ed Sabisky, Executive Director of Finance, Unite the Union, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8TN.

General Information

If you wish to discuss in more detail the reason why your claim has been declined and whether or not a review or appeal would be appropriate in your specific case then please call the DriverCare Admin Unit or alternatively discuss the matter with your local representative.

Please note that in all cases, the review and appeals procedures are not designed to be used where a member does not agree with a decision. All requests must be supported by documentary evidence.